Technical data

Paper sizes

The most popular serie of formats is the basic serie A. These are, for example, the A3, A4, or A5 formats which we commonly encounter in magazines, workbooks, drawings, etc. Other frequently used series are serie B (B0, B1, B2, ...), serie C and D. Formats of serie C are mostly used for postal envelopes.

How to calculate the weight of the sheets

The weight of a sheet of paper can be calculated using a simple formula. You need to know about the basis weight (or weight) and the paper size (eg A4). it is really easy. Some values are already calculated in the table.

Paper paths - fiber direction

In papermaking, pulp fibers are oriented predominantly in the direction of operation of the paper machine. From the parent paper roll, the sheets are then cute, they are distinguished according to the direction of the fibers on strait-beam or broad-beam arcs. The properties of paper with different fiber paths are different. It is important know.

NCR carbonless copy papers

NCR self-copying papers or carbonless copy paper work on the basis of the reaction between the encapsulated dye and the kaolin layer. The capsule with dye are cracking under pressure and dye react with kaolin. Individually the papers CB, CF, CFB, SC, SC/CB are different by their functional properties.

Types of paper for corrugated cardboard production

Corrugated cardboard is produced by bonding straight paper (cover paper) and corrugated paper (wool). Depending on the number of layers, it is divided into 2-ply, 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer (see figure below).

The placement options motive in printing on paper roll

Graphical representation of placement options motive in printing on paper roll