The company history

It has been more than 25 years since Ing. Jiří Tecl and Milan Šulák established Stepa.


Stepa s.r.o. came into existence in 1992 when it started production in hired areas with 8 workers.
The original production programme mostly included production of paper rolls for registration cash desks, faxes and various measuring instruments. Simultaneously with gradual expanding of production, purchase of further technology and increasing number of workers the company seat was moved into the area of TESLA company.
The manufacturing area of 360 m2 enabled multiple increasing of the company production.

All the same the production in substitute areas was not in compliance with demands of modern management methods, material flow in production process and conditions for business and expedition.
Small manufacturing and stock areas, pretentious transport of products and small area for expedition imposed limitations on further company expansion. That's the very reason why the company management worked up a project of a new manufacturing area. This construction was started in 1997 and brought to an end in April 1998 by moving the manufacturing technology. Now more then hundred employees are with the company. They participate in production, retail and wholesale and administrative work.

The use of new technology resulted in a considerable expansion of the company production assortment. The main manufacturing programme consists in the production of rolls for registration cash desks and measuring and medical instruments. The four-colour printing technology by flexographic method made production of various wrapping papers, covers and cash desk rolls with advertisement printing possible. By cross cutting a sheeting machine we have enlarged the assortment by sheets and cut-to-size papers. Production services occupy rather big part of the production now. The matter in question above all is slitting, rewinding to smaller diameters and yet mentioned sheeting. Together with wholesale we are able to offer a quite rich assortment of products, goods and services to our customers.