Sheeting and sizing machine

For wholesale and for printing houses we offer the converting of paper by cross cutting from rolls to sheets.


Technical possibilities of sheeting

- converting of materials by cross cutting from rolls to sheets up to the width 1200 mm
- cutting length from 150mm to 3000mm
- cutting to required format size (table shears)

Using table shears we convert the sheets to smaller format sizes. These formats can be of standard size or according to the customer’s wish. We are able to glue them to blocks or weld them into foil.


Sheeting: transverse cutting from rolls to sheets

Material: Offset papers, cartons, cardboards, corrugated cardboard, non-woven, clingfilm, EVA, PVC for stationery, polyethylene foam anf bubbles etc.
Basic weight: 20 - 600g/m2
Unwinding of parent rolls:
- number of rolls
- roll width*
- roll diameter*
- core tube diameter

1 - 5
300mm - 1700mm
up to 1500mm
70mm - 305mm (2,75" to 12")

Our HINT: We are able to accommodate width* and diameter* of bigger rolls for sheeting (see slitting and rewinding of large windings)
Cutting length: 150mm - 3000mm

Sizing: cutting of larger sheets to smaller ones

Material: Offset papers, cartons, cardboards
Basic weight: do 600g/m2
Input sheet:
- width
- length

up to 1150mm
up to 2500mm
Output sheet:
- width
- length

up to 1150mm
up to 1150mm