Slitting of narrow strips

The narrow strips of various foils or paper are often required not only in electrotechnical industry as carriers of components but also in paper industry (like cartridge strips for sheets counting). They are required in bookbinding for book spines and in cable works for cable insulation

Using narrow rolls (e. g. 20 or 30 mm wide) or  even of bigger diameters we prepare by slitting or edge trimming the rolls according to your requests. These narrow strips are very often utilizable in the industry and our company is ready to satisfy even any unusual customers´ requirements.
In addition to paper and various foils we process also the stainless wire gauze for production of fuel filters.

Technical possibilities of slitting of narrow strips:

  Unwinding: Winding up:
width up to 0.5 m down to 2.5 mm, as minimum
diameter up to 1 m up to 0.5 m as max. (depending on material and strip width)
core tube diameter 70 (76) mm 12 mm – 76 mm (even special)