Technological service

We offer to our customers our help with processing of materials being for them for any reasons not acceptable for further processing. The matter in question is usually damaged core tube (requiring rewinding), dirty faces of rolls (requiring trimming) or an unacceptable size of the roll for further processing (requiring splitting of rolls).


foto: hliníková fólie šíře 150mm, průměr 1m, dutinka 150mm

Service possibilities:

- splitting by slitting to another sizes
- slitting and rewinding of narrow rolls
- welding of edges of PE textiles
- winding up of a single-layer winding to 2 - 3-layer one
- rollout of a 2-layer winding to single-layer ones
- repair of damaged core tubes
- trimming of damaged, dirty or intergrown faces of rolls

An unacceptable material may be not only rolls but also sheets. It is possible to cut damaged pallets of sheets to size and re-arrange them so that value of goods remains as high as possible.