Winding-up of materials to rolls

Using continuous winding-up machine we roll-up the material to rolls up to the width 70 cm. The ends of the rolls are covered by easy removable sticker or they are inserted into the box without any sticking.


Technical possibilities of rolling-up of materials to rolls:

Input roll (to be converted):
roll width* 250mm - 700 mm
roll diameter* up to 1000 mm
core tube diameter 70 mm
Output – rolls:
roll length 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 m (by request others, too – according to the sort of material)
roll width 250 - 700 mm
final operation packing and welding of rolls into foil

 * Our HINT: We are able to accommodate width* and diameter* of bigger rolls for sheeting (see the slitting and rewinding of bigger windings)

We wrap the rolls into the stretch foil in order to protect them during transportation to the customer.