Dispensers for paper towels and wipes

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Unwinders, dispensers for paper towels and wipes

    Designation   For the towel and wiper
1   Small dispenser for paper wiper and towels Z-Z   KARINA 50, KARINA 100, PK MIDI, Z-Z
2   Dispenser with inner unwinding   KARINA 300, PK MIDI, PK MAXI
3   Holder of industrial rolls intended onto the wall   KARINA 1000 (240 and 290 mm)
4   Metallic stand onto the floor   KARINA 1000 (240 and 290 mm)
5   Stylish metallic stand for kitchen towels XXL   KARINA XXL

More detailed information about unwinders and dispensers for tissue towels and wipes you will get from our commercial department.