Plotter and copying paper rolls AP

Kopírovací a plotterové role AP
Plotter and copier rolls AP serve printing in large format copiers and printers

Our range includes copy and plotter rolls suitable for all types of inkjet, laser and digital printers as well as multifunction copiers.

You will appreciate them when printing large-format posters, construction plans, photographs or advertisements. According to your wishes, we will also produce atypical formats of various widths or lengths of the roll, rolls glued or not glued to the tube.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with confidence. We will be happy to accommodate you.


Plotter rolls AP

Basic weight: 80g/m2
Roll width: 420, 594, 610, 620, 841, 914 and 1060 mm
Winding length: 46 m
Core tube diameter: 50 mm


Copier rolls AP

Basic weight: 80g/m2
Roll width: 297, 420, 594, 620, 841 and 914 mm
Winding length: 100, 150 and 175 m
Core tube diameter: 50 and 76 mm

Up to the customer's wish we will produce also another widths or winding lengths, rolls glued or not glued onto the core tube.

AP = "All Print" - all-embracing printing. Plotter and copier rolls AP are appropriate for majority of laser and ink-jet printers.