Multifunctional towel

Extra strong, highly absorbent, and reusable multifunctional cloth made from unique material for your everyday cleaning needs

You'll get the best use in:

  • household (kitchen, bathroom, ...)
  • workshop or garage
  • garden (grilling, cleaning, ...)

It will facilitate cleaning for you:

  • cleaning dusty and dirty surfaces
  • absorbs oil excellently
  • any spilled liquids
  • versatile use

It brings you benefits:

  • repeated use - the cloth can be wrung out, allowed to dry, and reused. Note! Not intended for washing in the washing machine
  • extra strong even when wet
  • highly absorbent - absorbs oil and greasy surfaces well
  • top (inner) unwinding - easy and practical to use
  • product design - looks great in the kitchen and household

Technical specifications:

  • 1 ply
  • 110 pieces
  • top (inner) unwinding