Silk paper

A very fine type of paper, great for luxurious and creative packaging, or popular for crafting decorations by hand, and so on.

Silk paper is a very fine type of paper that can turn an ordinary object into something extraordinary. For example, a porcelain mug or any other trinket gains a touch of luxury when wrapped in silk paper and protects it from scratches. Due to its versatility, it is highly popular for handicrafts. It tears, cuts, and folds easily, making it suitable for decorations as well.

It's called silk paper because its weight is only 20 g/m2. (For comparison, standard office paper is 80 g/m2 and business cards are 300 g/m2.)

The paper is dyed with water-soluble colors, free from chlorine and acids.

After being moistened, it can release color like all silk papers.

The package contains 10 sheets sized 42x29.7 cm (A3 format).

See the color mix in the picture.

Format A3 (420 x 297 mm)
Color color mix
Paper weight 20g/m2
Number of sheets in pack 10
Minimum sales quantity 1.00
Number in carton 200.00