Tissue papers

A beautiful and very fine type of paper. Suitable for packing your elegant and luxurious goods or for making decorations

Give your goods an elegant and representative look.

Tissue paper is very fine, thin, flexible and has a pleasant texture to the touch.

  • You can easily pack anything. The shape of the goods does not matter
  • Tune the product packaging. Choose from up to 12 colours
  • Low price for elegance. Great material for a good price


Be creative! Easy handling and material properties are a great choice for creating decorations. Among the most popular are, for example, paper flowers pom-poms.

The paper is dyed with water-based paints, free of chlorine and acids. After wetting, it can release colour (like all tissue papers).



Weight: 20 g/m2
Format: 50 x 70 cm
Packing: 26 sheets

We supply in 12 colours:

White, yellow, red, blue, green, lilac, orange, purple, light yellow, brown, black, pink