Fax paper

Fax paper found its place in the production programme of the firm many years ago

Our long year sales experience shows the most required item on the market are the rolls of size 210 mm x 30 m x 12 mm.

That is the very reason why a proposal was carried to pack this most required size into a special colourful cover (see photo) we have introduced on the market in the middle of the year 2004. These rolls are sealed always by 2 pieces into foil and thereafter by 6 or 42 pieces cartooned.

Customary delivered roll sizes

Width Winding Core tube diameter Cartooned by the
210 mm 15 m 12 mm 11 or 80 pieces
210 mm 30 m 12 mm 6 or 42 pieces
216 mm 30 m 12 mm 6 or 42 pieces