How to calculate the weight of the sheets

The weight of a sheet of paper can be calculated using a simple formula. You need to know about the basis weight (or weight) and the paper size (eg A4). it is really easy. Some values are already calculated in the table.

Indicative calculation

The basis weight depends on the area 1m2. This area is almost equal sheet A0. That is, that the sheet with basic weight 150 g/m2 in format A0 weight approximately 150g. Sheet A1 half less and so on (A2, A3, A4, ...)

format weight format weight format weight
A0 1 A0 A3 1/8 A0 A6 1/64 A0
A1 1/2 A0 A4 1/16 A0 A7 1/128 A0
A2 1/4 A0 A5 1/32 A0 A8 1/256 A0


Accurate calculation of sheet weight

(lenght of sheet m * width of sheet m x weight g/m2) / 1000g = weight of 1 sheet v kg

Example: How much weighs package 200 sheets of drawing cardboard A4 180 g/m2 ?
200 sheets x (0,210 m * 0,297 m * 180 g/m2) / 1000g = 2,25 kg


Examples of weights of our products

products weight
graph paper 80 g/m2
sketch, wrapping paper 90 g/m2
sketch, drawing cardboard 180 g/m2
drawing cardboard white 220 g/m2
colored corrugated cardboard 260 g/m2