Küchen Wischtuch KARINA GIGANT

Dieses vielseitige Tuch eignet sich besonders für den Einsatz in der Küche, im Garten beim Grillen usw.

Design: Universal roll towel, 100% cellulose, white color, 2-ply with perforation, external and internal unwinding, paper ear for transfer, dimensionally the largest in the range of roll towels

Name Roll Width Roll Diameter Core Packaging
KARINA GIGANT 230 mm 240 mm torn off 1 pc/foil, 3 pcs/pack


Meets high hygiene and aesthetic requirements of customers. Does not shed fibers, leaves no streaks, is extra absorbent and yet strong even when wet.
Suitable for resale (barcode, colored label, packaging of 1 pc in foil, paper ear for transfer, attractive appearance).

For more information about KARINA GIGANT kitchen towels, please contact our sales department.