About Us


We are a Czech manufacturer and processor of products from rolls,

a supplier of paper products for schools, households, offices, and industry.




" We manufacture and process products from rolls flexibly and tailored,

so our customers can better respond to market opportunities.


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We manufacture and deliver products


Processing paper materials for final use.

We regularly innovate and improve the quality of products and their production.

We offer a wide range of categories for easier and more flexible service to deliver multiple types of products (including consumables).

We supply B2B partners such as schools, industry, offices, and households.



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We process materials


Primarily in rolls or sheets for further processing or assembling and packaging your products.

Services are aimed at B2B partners in industry, manufacturing, processing, and trade.

Our approach is flexible, aiming to achieve tailored processing according to your requirements and criteria (for further production or final product).


  • Roll cutting
    flexibly and tailored to your production, processing, or finalizing for sale or use
  • Sheeting
    of material from rolls into flat, folded, and cut formats for further processing or final product
  • Flexographic printing
    to promote your company or other motifs for sale
  • Sheltered workshop
    through comprehensive assembly, packaging, and assembly of your products for final sale
  • Technical service
    for repair or modification for further use


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