BIO rolls from Blue4est material

The last revolutionary invention in the area of thermal paper production is the Blue4res thermal paper made by the German company Koehler

Instead of a chemical reaction to heat, the emergence of text on Blue4est thermal paper is a purely physical reaction. Products made from this material not only contain no harmful chemical substances but have even been certified by the international certification body ISEGA to be safe when in contact with food! The Blue4res thermal paper is suitable for all standard printing devices.

Our production company has been acknowledged by the German manufacturer to be a competent processor of this material in all dimensions with an exclusive license for supplying the respective products in the Czech Republic.


Main advantages of BLUE4EST thermal discs:

  • Registration duration at least 35 years, archiving as standard office paper.
  • Recycling in paper mills, compostability.
  • It is not sensitive to light, it does not fade outside the window.
  • Food contact certificate.
  • The same principle of printing, use of existing printing equipment.


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