Ecological thermal cash register rolls

Rolls without bisphenol A or rolls completely without bisphenols are an eco-friendly solution for rolls for cash registers, ATMs or payment terminals

Rolls without bisphenol A

Cash register rolls made from thermal paper without bisphenol A are the first level of an eco-friendly variant of rolls for cash registers and payment terminals. According to the research of European scientists, bisphenol A has a negative impact on the hormonal activity of the human body, often leading to the creation of malign tumours. In this type of paper, bisphenol A has been replaced with the less harmful bisphenol S.

As a production company, we are able to deliver the paper in all dimensions as well as for every payment systems or payment terminals and other payment equipment. On customer demand, we can produce paper with an imprint on one or both sides.

Wheel width: 28 - 85 mm
Wheel diameter: 30 - 80 mm
Tube diameter: 12 and 17 mm


Rolls completely without bisphenols

The next level of products aiming to reduce the negative impact on the health of people who are in contact with thermal paper are thermal cash register rolls completely without bisphenols (both type A and S).

We deliver all dimensions of rolls, with an imprint on one or both sides.