Printing and special production and packing of cash desk rolls

Printing and special production and packing of cash desk rolls

Printing of cash desk rolls

As from 5 cartons we offer the possibility of the custom advertisement printing both on the front or reverse side of the bill and on the rolls side face.Among the most frequently used kinds of printing are ranked:

  • advertisement printing of the own logo
  • information of actions in preparation
  • information and instruction how to store the “thermo-bills”

Further our technology makes it possible:

  • printing even onto the sensitive layer of cash desk rolls
  • double-sided printing
  • multicolour printing
  • full-area coating of the “thermo”-layer
  • protective elements printing using copy-unable printing ink and watermark imitation


Marking of windings ends of cash desk rolls

All kinds of cash desk rolls we produce have the windings ends of cash desk rolls marked in a standard way. The length of marking is 0.8 m. The windings ends of rolls are marked by red skew lines. This way of marking ensures the visibility of marking from both sides of cash desk rolls.


Special production of cash desk rolls by customer’s request

Pursuant to an agreement we are able to produce even non-standard kinds of cash desk rolls. The following production parameters are to be specified:

  • various widths of cash desk rolls, from 7 mm to 1 m (by 1 mm)
  • winding length or outer diameter of cash desk rolls
  • core tube inner diameter, from 10 mm to 76 mm
  • advertisement printing of cash desk rolls
  • marking of ends of windings of cash desk rolls from inner or outer side
  • with carbonless copying rolls 1+1 the white or yellow colour of the copy is possible
  • with carbonless copying rolls 1+2 the white or yellow or pink colour is possible
  • with thermosensitive rolls there is possible to orientate this thermosensitive layer of the winding inwards or outwards
  • there is possible to choose the manner of fixing of the end of winding to the core tubeamong no glued (fixed by inserting only) or glued by glue or sticked by label.


Packing of cash desk rolls

For wholesale customers the most common packaging is placing of single pieces into carton. We offer practical packaging with respect to manipulation and transportation to smaller customers – the rolls are foil-wrapped by 10 pcs and thereafter placed into carton.After this manner we pack cash desk rolls of all kinds (offset, thermosensitive, carbonless copying ones) and doing so we see carefully that with thermosensitive materials after welding into foil no reaction takes place.

More detailed information about cash desk rolls you will get from our commercial department with pleasure.