Coloured carton Extra 300g

Photo carton 300 g/m2 (hard coloured cardboard) is first of all intended for creative purposes

This Coloured carto ExtrAa 300g is distinguished from the common drawing paper by its higher quality at sight, basic weight and variety of colours. Due to its high basic weight it is more resistant to crease, and this feature together with its intensive colours predestines it first of all for creative purposes. There is no doubt that it is not just the one way of its use only.

In the past the photo cardboard was produced exclusively for photo albums. From there originates its name. In the photo albums it fulfilled the role of so called inserted boards that must be made from strong material without any content of acid adulterants. Later, once recognized that this photo cardboard is suitable for do-it-yourself activities, the production of various colours was started.

At the present time the photo cardboard is used for example also as the cover with the binding techniques when making booklets (as the lower stiffening sheet). Surely enough it would be possible to find out much more ways of usage ...

We offer this photo cardboard in the following variants:

Format: 50 x 70 cm
Basic weight: 300 g/m2
Colours: white, lemon yellow, banana yellow, hot red, dark red, light pink, dark lilac, pacific blue, middle blue, orange, apricot, light green, fir green, light grey, chocolate brown and black (see the colour card).
Packing: 10 sheets of one colour, foil-wrapped (see the preview of the manner of packing)