Types of coated papers

One of the key differences between types of paper is the process and the machine on which the paper is produced.

MG (Machine Glazed) PAPER - one-sided glazed paper

This drying technique utilizes a very large steam-heated MG cylinder. The paper is wrapped almost entirely around the cylinder where it is dried, but also polished, smoothing the surface.

This drying process results in a different surface treatment on each side of the paper.

The MG side is smooth and polished, creating a good surface for printing. The other side of the paper (back side) is slightly rougher, providing excellent properties for applications such as heat sealing.



MF (Machine Finished) PAPER - "machine finished" on both sides

This drying technique utilizes a large number of smaller, steam-heated rollers for drying.

These rollers rotate alternately in one direction and then the other, so that both sides of the paper receive the same treatment.


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The surface finish on both sides of MF paper is slightly rougher than that of MG paper.

MF papers have good printing properties, but they cannot match the smoothness of MG paper, which is more suitable for printing.


Images illustrating the quality on MG paper on the left compared to MF paper on the right.

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